This will be a heartfelt and impactful start as you embark on the journey to loving your authentic self! You will be guided in a series of activities, affirmations, times of reflections, prayers and more that will change you forever. Truly loving yourself is important to fullly transform in your Mind, Body, Soul and Finances! Let's do this together using the tools I have used and continue to use to JUST BREATHE a lot easier each day!!

The release date is be November 29, 2022. This date is special to me because it would have been the date my oldest daughter, Dominique (Domo) Millard gained her wings because someone got behind the wheel after having too many drinks on Thanksgiving.

Grab yours at the introductory price of $7.32 - There is a meaning behind the price - 7 is God's number of completion and we are honoring the 32nd birthday of my daughter this year.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity in her name.

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